Revit Plants Don’t Show Up in 3D View but Do Show Up in Site View


You imported or placed your Land F/X plants into Revit using the Planting F/X plugin and can see the 2D symbol in site or plan view. However, in 3D view, some or all plants are not showing.










In this example, 2D view shows palms.










In 3D view, the palms aren’t visible





This issue is the result of a Revit quirk. The limit of view is hiding certain elements. Tree families can technically be "larger" than they look, and anything that crosses this limit will be hidden.





1. At the bottom of your Revit window, click the turned-off lightbulb icon to Reveal Hidden Elements.




You can see here that the box is too short.





2. Click the Section Box, and select and drag one of the directional arrows until your 3D trees appear.


For tall trees such as palms, you may need to drag the box extremely high up. Sometimes plants near the edge of a site need the box stretched wider to accommodate the canopy.





3. Once everything is visible, turn off the Reveal Hidden Elements icon by clicking it again.

Last modified on Oct 15, 2019


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