Submit a Revit® Drawing with Land F/X Data Files in a Technical Support Ticket

Submit a Revit® Drawing with Land F/X Data Files in a Technical Support Ticket


If you’re having a problem that’s not covered in our extensive documentation, a drawing with your project data is always helpful to send in with your ticket so we can help you troubleshoot more effectively.





Here’s the process to send your file when having an issue while using our Planting F/X for Recvit Plugin:


1. Save your Revit .rvt file. If your issue involves a specific family or other file, make sure to save those, too. Save copies of all these items into a temporary export folder on your computer.


2. If you’re coordinating with an AutoCAD file, use our Technical Support tool to package that drawing and its Xrefs with the Land F/X data.

If your issue doesn’t involve an AutoCAD drawing, you'll just need to back up your Land F/X project data .lfx file from AutoCAD. (The Backup feature is currently only available in AutoCAD.) How to back up your project data


Save the backed-up project data into the same temporary export folder as the .rvt file.



3. Create a zip file from your temporary export folder.

If the attachment created in the previous step is overly large (larger than 7.5 MB), send us a Dropbox file-sharing link instead. Our system is unable to handle files exceeding 7.5 MB.



4. Attach these zip files to a ticket with Land F/X, either an existing ticket where we asked you for the files, or a new ticket if you don’t already have one created.


In your ticket, be sure to provide a detailed description of the exact steps you completed to re-create the issue on your end. The more detail you provide, the easier it will be for us to also replicate the issue and determine the cause and, ultimately, the solution.


Revit® is a restricted trademark of Autodesk®.

Last modified on Mar 16, 2023


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