Permission Was Denied When Attempting to Create an Images Directory (folder) Located at the Current Project File (Using Our Photo Callout Tool in Revit)


You received the following error message while attempting to use the Photo Callout tool in our Planting F/X Revit plugin:

Permission was denied when attempting to create an images directory (folder) located at the current project file.





You’re currently working in a file located in a folder without write permissions. This issue commonly occurs with users who are trying out our Planting F/X tools on Revit’s basic default templates, as those templates are located in your system folders, which are locked folders. The Photo Callout tool is attempting to create a directory folder in the same folder as your Revit project file. If this folder has locked permissions, Planting F/X can’t make this folder.





Move your Revit file to a folder where you have permissions (or use the Save As tool), or correct the permission issue on the current folder.

Last modified on Oct 17, 2019


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