Wizard Was Interrupted on the InstallShield Wizard (Installing the Planting F/X Revit Plugin)


You received an error message that The Wizard Was Interrupted before Planting F/X for Revit could be completely installed on the InstallShield Wizard Completed screen, at the end of the installation steps for the Planting F/X plugin for Revit.





A problem with the Planting F/X for Revit plugin installer is preventing the installation from completing.




1. Cancel the installation.




2. Open the File Explorer and type %temp% into the address box.




3. The Temp folder will open.


Organize the files by Date modified.


Locate the most recent file with the extension LOG.



4. Send us a technical support ticket that includes the following items:

  • This most recent log file as an attachment
  • An explanation that you received the Wizard was interrupted error while attempting to install the Planting F/X plugin for Revit.

Our technical support team will use this log file to diagnose the issue and help you resolve it.

Last modified on Nov 15, 2019


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