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SketchUp Becomes Unresponsive or Crashes When Importing from CAD Using Real-World Coordinates


You are attempting to send layers or export the placement of plants from CAD to Sketchup in real-world coordinated using our Sketchup Connection tool, and Sketchup becomes unresponsive or crashes.



Because you are using real-world coordinates (also known as a World Coordinate System, or WCS), your drawing may have an origin point that is excessively far from the origin point that SketchUp is trying to use. This can confuse SketchUp, causing it to crash.



In this situation, we recommend creating a User Coordinate System (UCS) in your CAD drawing. We recommend using our UCS tool to create a more realistic origin, snapping to a point that correlates with the desired or actual SketchUp origin.

For information on creating a UCS, see our User Coordinate System (UCS) page.

Last modified on Mar 12, 2018


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