Work Area Troubleshooting
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Work Area Troubleshooting


You're having issues with a Work Area in your drawing. For example, you might have:

  • Received a message that the system cannot find the title associated with a Work Area.
  • Placed a Plant or Irrigation Schedule, and the schedule is not showing the items in one or more of your Work Areas, although it is showing all other relevant items (plants, irrigation equipment, etc.) in your drawing.
  • Deleted the title of a Work Area (but not the Work Area itself), and now when you try to place a schedule, the system is unable to find your Work Areas.

Other Work Area issues:

  • Are your Work Areas not recognizing one of your hatches? Or is a hatch being recognized and calculated by more than one Work Area? Solution
  • Are you unable to create or place a Work Area at all? Solution
  • Cannot find Work Area error message when placing a schedule Solution
  • You tried to place a schedule (such as a Plant, Irrigation, or Refnotes Schedule) for a Work Area in your drawing, but the schedule did not appear when you tried to place it. Solution




Potential causes include:

  • Your Work Area may have become corrupt.
  • You are dealing with an errant Work Area that had previously been forgotten.
  • The system is unable to find your Work Area because you deleted its title.



You may simply need to redraw the Work Area.


You may also need to isolate the layers contained in the Work Area to investigate the issue further.


Finally, you may need to turn your Work Area back into a polyline before redrawing it – for example, if you deleted the Work Area title but not the Work Area itself. Here's how:

1. Type DELETEALLXDAT in the Command line and press Enter.

2. Select the Work Area boundary to turn it back into a polyline.

3. Now create a new Work Area, and type S to select that polyline.

Last modified on May 12, 2022


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