New Viewport Tool Not Working
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New Viewport Tool Not Working


You attempted to create a viewport using our New Viewport tool, but nothing happened when you clicked the New Viewport button. The tool appears to not be working at all.




The New Viewport tool won't work if you have layer names in your drawing that contain brackets, or possibly other special characters, as in the example below.


Layer names that include special characters





1. Open the Layer Properties Manager by typing Layer in the Command line and pressing Enter.



2. Scan your layers, looking for brackets or possibly other special characters in the layer names. (See the image above for an example.)



3. If you find any layers whose names contain brackets, change those layers' names to exclude the brackets. For example, we'll change the name of the layer L-BLDG-[NEW] to L-BLDG-NEW.


Changing layer names



4. Try to create a new viewport. The New Viewport tool should work now.

If the New Viewport tool is still not working, you might be experiencing drawing corruption. If so, follow our steps to clean your drawing and all Xrefs.

Last modified on May 17, 2022


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