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Back Up Land F/X Data

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Because the Save button isn't enough.

Lost work means downtime and recovery time – and the resulting loss of income. Protect yourself by backing up your data. A reliable and well-tested backup process is your best insurance against wiping out hours, days, or even months of your valuable time.


What is Land F/X Data?

In short, our software runs on data. It's what allows you to add a plant to your project, or place a tree, a sprinkler, or a detail reference in your drawing. In fact, each time you use a Design F/X, Land F/X, or Irrigation F/X tool, you're accessing data stored in a database, separate from the drawing file (.dwg). Backing up this data is just as important as backing up your drawings.


Why Back Up?

"My laptop was stolen and with that all of the information for our projects, standards, etc. Fortunately, I was smart enough to have watched enough of your webinars on office setups and standards that I was able to get back all of the information onto a new computer and am up and running as we speak. I cannot express my gratitude enough toward the people at Land F/X for helping me through this. Nor can I say 'thank you' enough for repeatedly urging backups, portable hard drives, and servers."

   Tyson Carroll
    Urban Tree Foundation

Backing up your Land F/X data allows you to:

• Prevent the loss of your projects and settings

• Move your work between computers

• Share work with your colleagues


How Often?

You should have daily automated backups running, together with monthly off-site backups.


In the 21st century, it's vital to implement a good backup strategy. And of course, we're talking about ALL your data – not just Land F/X. That includes AutoCAD files, documents, financial statements ... everything.

We recommend using a 3-2-1 rule of thumb:


  • 3 Copies of your data

      Example: 1 daily backup on an external hard drive, 1 copy in the Cloud, and one copy on your off-site hard drive.


  • 2 Different formats

       Choose 2: Hard drive, Cloud, USB stick, DVD, etc.


  • 1 Off-site

      Once a month, make a copy of your data and store it somewhere outside the office.



How to Back Up Land F/X Data

Whenever you save a file, Land F/X creates a backup of the project data in a file called auto_projdata.lfx. If you lose your project data, you can restore from the last automatic backup.


Further, you can back up your data using one of the following methods:


Update Land F/X dialog box, BAckup all projects option selected, Install button

Back up your projects while updating Land F/X (about once a week).



Land F/X Projects dialog box, Backup button, Backup Land F/X Projects dialog box


Back up your projects manually from the Land F/X Projects dialog box.



How to Restore Land F/X Data


Land F/X Projects dialog box, Restore button, Restore Project dialog box


Need to access your backed-up Land F/X data? Use our Restore feature, also available from the Land F/X Projects dialog box.



Our Backup Recommendations

We recommend using all (yes, all) of the following backup methods:

Dedicated server (Mac Mini or QNAP) with two hard drives (Western Digital Red NAS 1 TB)

Uninterrupted power supply (UPS) (CyberPower AVR Series)

External hard drive, portable version (Western Digital Elements 1TB model)

External hard drive, firesafe version (ioSafe SOLO G3 2TB)

High-capacity memory stick (ADATA DashDrive UV128)

Online backup service such as Dropbox

And here's a great backup tip from your friends at Land F/X:

The only effective backup method is a tested one. Want to ensure that one of your backup methods (such as an external hard drive or memory stick) actually works? Transfer your data to the device at the office, then bring the device home and transfer your data to your home computer. In this way, you're not only testing your backup method, but also saving your data at home – yet another safeguard against lost work!


Finally, remember to always be vigilant with your backup methods: By backing up and testing, you put yourself in the best possible position to keep your work intact.



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