Verify the File LandFX.vlx
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Verify the File LandFX.vlx

The code for every Land F/X tool lives within a file named LandFX.vlx.The software won't work properly without the ability to read this file from the LandFX folder.


To verify that LandFX.vlx is configured correctly, you'll need to make sure of two things:

  • The software is looking in the correct location for the file LandFX.vlx
  • The file LandFX.vlx is intact and not corrupted




Step 1: Find the LandFX Folder

A working installation of our software requires that the LandFX folder contain a number of important files and subfolders.


The operative term here is THE LandFX folder. You might in fact have multiple LandFX folders on your computer from past installations, or for any number of reasons.




A properly configured LandFX folder:

The LandFX folder pictured to the right is configured correctly– at first glance, at least. Note that it contains a long(ish) list of folders and files.


If your LandFX folder looks like this one, you can proceed with verifying the LandFX.vlx file.

LandFX folder configured correctly




LandFX folder configured incorrectly

An improperly configured LandFX folder:

An incorrectly configured LandFX folder, as pictured to the left, will often be empty or contain only one or two folders.


It's common for an improperly configured LandFX folder to contain only a Data folder, as in this example.


If your LandFX folder is empty or contains only one or two folders, you can assume either:



1. You do not have our software installed correctly. If you are unable to locate a LandFX folder containing more than a folder or two, you'll need to install Land F/X.




2. You have our software installed correctly but are looking in the wrong LandFX folder. (It may be left over from an older installation, or you may simply be looking in a folder that someone happened to name LandFX.)


Look on your computer or on your office server for a LandFX folder containing all the necessary files and folders. (Contact your IT administrator for help.) If you find a LandFX folder that contains a long list of files and folders, you've likely found the correct LandFX folder for your current installation. Proceed with verifying the LandFX.vlx file.



Step 2: Verify the LandFX.vlx File

Now that you've verified that you're looking in the correct LandFX folder, it's time to verify that LandFX.vlx is not only present but is not corrupt.



Pictured to the right is a LandFX folder containing what appears to be an intact LandFX.vlx file. It's roughly the same size as the file LandFX.vlx.bak just below it.

To see these files properly, you'll need to have your file extensions turned on. For instructions, see our Make File Extensions Visible article.



If this is what you see, you can now download the latest Land F/X Workstation installer and run it from this LandFX folder.


Don't see a file here named LandFX.vlx? Or does the LandFX.vlx file have an extremely small file size? Scroll down for the solutions.

LandFX folder containing an intact LandFX.vlx file




• LandFX.vlx is missing from all LandFX folders on your computer.

If you don't see LandFX.vlx in your LandFX folder, follow our steps to reconfigure your Land F/X installation. Check for the LandFX.vlx file in your LandFX folder. If it's there, and it has a file size that's similar to the file size of LandFX.bak? You've solved the issue.




• The file LandFX.vlx has an extremely small size, such as just a few KB.

LandFX folder containing corrupt LAndFX.vlx file

In the image to the left, the LandFX.vlx file appears to be corrupt. We can tell because it's much smaller than the file LandFX.vlx.bak.



If this is the case, read on for the solution.




If the LandFX.vlx file has an extremely small file size, here's what to do:


1. Rename this file LandFX.vlx.old


2. Remove ".bak" from the filename of LandFX.vlx.bak. That file should now be named LandFX.vlx.


3. You can now download the latest Land F/X Workstation installer and run it from this LandFX folder to repair your installation.

LandFX.vlx and LandFX.vlx.bak files before renaming LandFX.vlx and LandFX.vlx.bak files after renaming both files
Last modified on May 12, 2022


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