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Grant Read-Write Permissions for the LandFX Folder (Single User)


You need to grant yourself (or another user) read/write permissions for the LandFX folder on the C: drive.

Looking for a way to share the LandFX folder on a network or office server? Please see our instructions for sharing the LandFX folder on your network.





Grant Permissions to the LandFX Folder

1. Open the C: drive on your (or the user's) computer. Right-click the LandFX folder.

Important: Make sure you're giving yourself permissions for the LandFX folder that's directly on the C: drive (C:/LandFX) – not the folder C:/Progam Files/LandFX.




2. Select Properties from the menu that opens.



3. The Properties dialog box will open.




Select the Security tab, and click Edit.




4. The Permissions dialog box will open.


Under Group or User Names, select Everyone.

Don't see the Everyone option here?

Here's what to do >

Check the boxes in the Allow column to the right of Read and Write.

If these boxes were already checked when you opened this screen, your computer already has read-write permissions to the LandFX folder.

Click Apply to apply your changes. Then click OK.




5. Back in the Properties dialog box, verify that both the Read and Write entries have check marks in the Allow column.



Click Apply, then click OK.


You've successfully granted permissions for the LandFX folder.



Add the Everyone Option to the Permissions Dialog Box (If Necessary)


If you don't see the option for Everyone in the Permissions for LandFX dialog box (Step 4 above), you can easily add it by following the steps below.




Still in the Permissions for LandFX dialog box, click Add.




The Select User or Groups dialog box will open.



Type Everyone in the text field as pictured to the right. Click OK.




You should now see an Everyone option in both the Properties and Permissions dialog boxes for your LandFX folder, and you can proceed with the permission steps above.



Last modified on Oct 24, 2018


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