Back Up Your Files, Projects, and Standards
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Back Up Your Files, Projects, and Standards

Back up, back up, back up! It's the quickest and easiest step you can take to ensure that you don't lose your work and standards. We encourage you to back up all items from the What and How to Back Up checklist below – and back them up regularly.

Cloud Data: A great backup solution for your Land F/X data

If you choose our Cloud Data option, all your Land F/X data (projects and Preference Sets) will be securely backed up at More information >

What and How to Back Up

When applicable, the list entries below include links to instructions on how to access and save the important items they reference.

All items below will eventually be saved as files. We recommend backing up every item in the list using all of our recommended backup methods, as well as to your CAD Standards folder.

Land F/X projects (saved as LFX files).


Land F/X Preference Sets (also saved as LFX files).


The file named acad.cuix, which stores your AutoCAD Customized User Interface (CUI). Here's how to find and save it.


Your AutoCAD profile (saved as an ARG file).


Dimension styles (DimStyles) (saved in an AutoCAD drawing – DWG file).


Your customized Land F/X block files (also saved as AutoCAD drawings – DWG files).


You can find all block files in the Blocks folder within your LandFX folder. Examples include:

  • Detail blocks (You can also back these up directly from CAD using our Back Up Details tool.)
  • Title block files
  • Custom plant symbols
  • Site blocks (Plan Graphics, Elevation Graphics, Discipline Graphics, etc.)
  • Callouts and labels



Your customized hatch patterns (saved as PAT files)


Plotter settings, including CTB files and PC3 files. You can find these items in the folder LandFX/Admin (or LandFX/Administration).


Custom fonts – such as the font you use for your office letterhead) (saved as TTF files). You can find your installed fonts as files in the folder Windows\Fonts.


AutoCAD drawing templates (saved as DWT files).

Backup Methods You Should Use

We recommend using all (yes, all) of the following backup methods.


Dedicated server (Mac Mini or QNAP) with two hard drives (Western Digital Red NAS 1 TB)


Uninterrupted power supply (UPS) (CyberPower AVR Series)


External hard drive, portable version (Western Digital Elements 1TB model)


External hard drive, firesafe version (ioSafe SOLO G3 2TB)


High-capacity memory stick (ADATA DashDrive UV128)


Online backup service such as Dropbox

Restoring Your Land F/X Data

Need to access your backed-up Land F/X projects and Preference Sets? Use our Restore feature.

Moving Computers or Servers? (Local Data)

If you plan to move your installation of one of our plugins from one computer or another, or your office is changing servers, don't forget to back up and move all your Land F/X data (all your projects and Preference Sets).


Moving between standalone installations?

Follow our steps to move your Land F/X data from an old standalone installation to a new computer.


Moving between server installations?

Follow our steps to move your Land F/X data from a server installation onto a new server.


Moving from a standalone to a server installation?

Follow our steps to move your Land F/X data from a standalone installation to a server.

Last modified on May 17, 2022


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