Change Project Association (Project Number) Across Multiple DWG Drawing Files
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Change Project Association (Project Number) Across Multiple DWG Drawing Files


You have a large job that spans dozens, if not hundreds, of DWG files. You need to change the Land F/X project number associated with these files.


Possible reasons for this change include:

  • Splitting off the drawing set as a revision
  • Handing off the drawing set to a partner




You can easily carry out this change with the help of our BatchMan batch file processing tool. Here's how:


Step 1: Create the following LSP (.lsp) file to use in BatchMan.

1A. Using a text editing app such as Notepad, create a new file with the following contents:

(command "HYPERLINKBASE" "new_project_number")


(* where new_project_number consists of the number of the project you intend to assign to the DWG files)



1B. Save the text file with an LSP extension (.lsp) in a location where you can find it easily, such as your computer desktop.

For example:

If we intend to change project 2032-111 to 2032-111B, we'll create a Notepad file with the following contents:

(command "HYPERLINKBASE" "2032-111B")


We'll then save that Notepad file to the desktop, giving it the name 2032-change.LSP




Step 2: Process the DWGs with BatchMan

2A. Open our BatchMan tool.


Confirm that only your desired Save As version is selected. (Version 2018 shown as example.)

BatchMan dialog box with only Save As file version selected




BatchMan dialog box with LISP File option selected, then browsing to LSP text file on desktop

2B. Now select the LISP File option.


In the dialog box that opens, browse to the text file you just created.




2C. Use the Add File, Add Folder, or Add Folders + Subfolders buttons to add the files and/or folders of DWGs to process.

See our documentation on selecting a file, folder, or directory of folders in BatchMan for instructions.



After adding all the files or folders of DWGs to process, click OK to process the files.


Batchman will change the number of the project associated with all processed DWG files to your desired new project number.

BatchMan dialog box, file and folder options
Last modified on May 17, 2022


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