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Server Backups of Land F/X Data

You should have daily automated backups running, along with monthly off-site backups. In the 21st century, it's vital to implement a good backup strategy. And of course, we're talking about ALL your data – not just Land F/X. That includes your AutoCAD files, your documents, your financial statements ... everything.


Backing up the Land F/X database is a little challenging, in that you can’t just copy the files located in the LandFX/data folder. Instead it is better to use a MySQL scripting command to back up the entire database. Note that this will only backup the database. You should also back up the entire LandFX folder in addition to the aforementioned database backup.


As a failsafe, Land F/X saves a backup of Land F/X project data, in a file named auto_projdata.lfx, every time a DWG file is saved.

Land F/X has a Back Up All Projects feature that you should execute regularly. Open the Projects dialog box. Click Backup, then check the Backup all projects box and click OK. This process will back up all the existing projects to LandFX/Data/Backups under a date-named folder.

Consider our Cloud Data option!

Our cloud-based data backup uption (available at no extra charge) ensure that your Land F/X projects, templates, and Preference Sets are backed up securely at

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So to sum up, we recommend a strategy such as the following:



Employ a fireproof USB drive to make daily backups of your file server.

(with this backup process, use one of the two backup procedures on the right)

Follow our instructions to back up your MySQL database (if you have Local Data).



Export each project at key milestones using the Backup button in the Project Files screen.

Copy your active project folders and LandFX folder to a USB thumb drive you take with you.



Back up all projects – see above right.

Back up the entire LandFX folder.

Back up the entire MySQL database.

Back up your project folders of all your DWGs and other files.

Back up all the files listed above to a USB drive, and store it off-site such as in a fire safe at home or a safety deposit box.

This is exactly the backup scheme we employ in our office.



Restoring your backed-up Land F/X data

Need to access your backed-up Land F/X projects, templates, and Preference Sets? Use our Restore feature.

Last modified on Dec 03, 2019


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