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Add a Drawing File With Land F/X Data to an Existing Technical Support Ticket


Need to add a file to a ticket? Take care to follow these guidelines:

Your attachment cannot exceed 7.5 MB in size.

We will need both your drawing file and the correct Land F/X project. Make sure the correct drawing, Land F/X project, and Preference Set are open before completing the following steps.

Important Note: We cannot diagnose your issue without the appropriate .lfx data files – your Land F/X project and Preference Set. It's extremely important that you also verify that you've included these items in the Zip file you send us, along with your .dwg drawing. We ask that you use our Support tool to send in your drawing and project. This tool automatically creates a zip file of everything we'll need in order to address your technical support issue.

Using our technical support system to make your zip file will ensure that you are sending us all the files we need in order to address your issue. It's important that you use our system to make your zip file but that you attach the Zip file to your original ticket. This will prevent confusion in our ticket system and help us address your issue as quickly as possible.

Step 1: Make a zip file of your drawing and your Land F/X project using our technical support system

Before you can complete these steps, you'll need to make sure you've saved your drawing and that you have the correct Land F/X project open.

For us to diagnose your issue, we absolutely need the Land F/X project associated with the drawing you are sending. Make sure you have the project open when completing these steps. Not sure? Open the Project List tool and make sure you have the correct project open.




Open our Support tool:


F/X Admin ribbon, Support flyout




Several toolbars

(F/X Admin toolbar pictured)



F/X Admin menu



or type FX_TechSupport in the Command line

Seeing an Automation error message at this point? Or is the Tech Support tool simply not working? Here's what to do.




You'll be asked whether you want to Copy the DWG to the Desktop, so it can be uploaded to the Technical Support team?



Click Yes to copy the DWG and the associated Land F/X project to the desktop so you can upload it into our technical support system.






If you haven't saved your drawing, you'll be prompted: Drawing must be saved in order to eTransmit it. Save the drawing now?


Click Yes to save the drawing and Land F/X project.




If you see a message beginning with This drawing contains custom objects that are not supported in previous versions, just click Close to continue. We will be able to open your drawing.






You'll be notified that The current DWG, all applicable XREFs, and any project data has been copied to the file 'LandFX' on the Desktop.


This file will include the Land F/X project data you have used in the drawing, as well as the Preference Set associated with the project.




At this point, a browser window will open, and you will be directed to our ticket system. Close this window.




You can now move on to Step 2: Send the zip ffile to Land F/X.


Step 2: Send the zip file to Land F/X



We recommend this method of attaching a zip file to an existing ticket because it's much simpler than the alternate (and older) method of replying to your support email.


Log in to the Land F/X Portal.


Note that you won't automatically have a Portal profile if you're a Land F/X user. If you haven't registered for the Portal, you'll need to do so before you can complete these steps.

How to register for the Portal




After logging in to the Portal, select the Support tab in the left column.




Scroll down to the Support History section. Locate your ticket, and click the Open link on the same line to view the ticket.


If necessary, you can use the search box to search for nyour ticket by subject.





The ticket will expand, and you'll see your previous correspondence. Click Respond to add to your ticket.





Your ticket will open in edit view.


1. Add detailed notes about your issue in the text field.


2. Click Choose File, then browse to and select the drawing zip file you want to send.


3. Click Submit to send us the file.


Note that our system cannot accept zip files larger than 7.5 MB. If your file is too large, follow our steps to reduce the file size, then repeat these steps.





This method is more complicated than the recommended (and simpler) method of adding a file to an existing ticket using the Land F/X Portal.

You'll have received an email from Land F/X informing you that we need your drawing for further troubleshooting.


To reply to your existing technical support ticket, click the Add a Reply button from within that email message.


Important Note: The image of the link shown above is just that – an image, and not an actual link. Please click the link from within the email message you received from Land F/X.


Clicking the link from the email will open your existing technical support ticket. Click Choose File, and navigate to the zip file you created above. Note that our system cannot accept zip files larger than 7.5 MB. Reduce the file size (if necessary) >



Add the necessary notes, then click Send to send us the zip file of your drawing and Land F/X project.




Zip file too large to send?

Our ticket system cannot accept zip files larger than 7.5 MB. In many cases, you can shrink excessively large zip files of drawings by removing unnecessary Xrefs.


Our ticket system will automatically create a zip file on your desktop titled LandFX when you complete the steps outlined above.




Find the file on your desktop titled LandFX, and double-click it.


You should now be able to see the contents of this zip file, including all Xrefs attached to your drawing.

DO NOT delete the files preferences.lfx and projdata.lfx! To diagnose your issue, we will need these files.





Right-click the unnecessary Xref files, and select Delete from the menu that opens.

Don't worry – as long as you're deleting them from the folder LandFX Export on your desktop, you're not actually deleting your Xrefs. You're only removing them from the zip file you're sending us, which will decrease its file size.



Your zip file will now be smaller, allowing you to use it in our ticket system.

Is your file still too large to send? Or do you need to include the Xrefs for us to diagnose your issue? Attach your drawing file to an email to Make sure to let us know that you have an open support ticket, and to reference the ticket number.



Back on the Edit Land FX Ticket screen, click Choose file and browse to the LandFX file on your desktop. Add your notes, and click Send to send us your drawing.




Don't see the Edit Land F/X Ticket screen? You can open it by going back to the email from up about your issue and clicking Add a Reply.


Last modified on Sep 02, 2021

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