Cloud Data: Security Information
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Cloud Data: Security Information

This document covers the security protocols of our Cloud Data service.



How is the data transmitted?

All wire traffic is transmitted through Ajax POST operations via Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).



Client identification and reinstallations

Client traffic is identified via the client’s Land F/X Support ID. Once a Cloud Data installation is complete, the account is locked. To allow for additional installations, we would need to unlock the account manually. Requests to unlock accounts must come from an email address within the account-holding client’s domain.



Protection against unauthorized installation

The License Management screen allows clients to view which computers and user names have accessed licenses. In the unlikely event a Support ID has been compromised and used by an unauthorized user to install a license, that user’s machine and user name would be visible within this screen. In such a case, we would recommend simply changing the client’s Support ID, which would remote kill the unauthorized installation.

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Data storage and backup

Data from all clients is stored within a single database, which is then replicated across multiple server locations. Data is backed up via replication across multiple sites. We also archive monthly backups in our fire safe and our secure off-site location.


Several backup methods are also in place at the client level, including:

  • When a drawing is saved, the project data is also saved to an LFX file adjacent to the DWG
  • When updating Land F/X, clients can click a Backup button to create local LFX backup files of all active projects. Further such backups can be completed manually at any time.


With Cloud Data, the data transmitted to our servers will be your Land F/X projects, Preference Sets, and templates. This data contains only the list of plants or irrigation equipment and the associated data values such as water needs, spray arcs, etc. Any and all visual representations or DWGs are the responsibility of the client to store, and we do not receive any of that information.

Cloud Data will not change the storage location of your digital design files, such as DWGs and PDFs. If you switch to Cloud Data, these files will still be stored where you stored them before. Cloud Data only houses your Land F/X data (projects, templates, Preference Sets, etc.).


With Local Data, the only data transmitted to our servers are usage statistics, such as how many times functions are used or commands are run so we can evaluate which parts of the software could use the most development focus or improvement. This information is also transmitted on Cloud Data.


All data transmitted to and from Land F/X is over SSL traffic to/from and Any of your data stored within Land F/X's servers will only be accessible with your Support ID and calls from the Land F/X connection.



Data retention

Data retention is intended to be permanent. There is no variation of the status of data depending on client status (trial, purchase/active, expired).



And now ... technical jargon

Cloud Data calls originate from acad.exe and are then handed to msxml.dll (standard Microsoft XML parser, versions 3–6). From there, all Cloud Data calls go to over SSL.

Last modified on May 17, 2022


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