F/X CAD Policy
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F/X CAD Policy

F/X CAD is an Autodesk OEM product that requires a Land F/X license to operate. Because F/X CAD is a perpetual license, you are not required to upgrade to each new version. However, we recommend staying within two years of the latest version.


Please note that Land F/X licenses will only operate with the five most recent versions of CAD.



On How Many Computers Can You Install a Single F/X CAD Seat?

Each F/X CAD seat can be installed and activated on up to two computers, for use by one person.


Autodesk's licensing policy allows F/X CAD to be installed a second machine, for the same user. For example, you may install a single F/X CAD license on your laptop or home computer in addition to your primary desktop. To reiterate, this extra installation is only for the same user. A single F/X CAD seat may not be:

  • Installed onto two or more workstations for operation by two or more different users, or
  • Operated by two or more different users using the same username

For more detailed information on what is and is not allowable with a single F/X CAD seat, see our article on how many users and computers are allowed for each F/X CAD seat.



Mismatched Licenses

A license mismatch is defined by either:

  • Different versions of F/X CAD, or
  • A different number of F/X CAD licenses and Land F/X licenses


If your account has any mismatch of licenses and your number of F/X CAD sessions exceeds your purchased count, you will be notified that you are using an unlicensed version of F/X CAD. Please contact Land F/X Support immediately. If we find any abuse to licensing, we have the right to audit your installations and licenses, and possibly suspend your licenses.



Upgrading Your F/X CAD

Immediately after you pay for an F/X CAD upgrade, you may be notified that you have a license mismatch each time you launch your currently installed version of F/X CAD. We understand that installing immediately is not always possible, but we request that you install the latest version within 45 days of upgrading.

Last modified on Jun 27, 2023


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