Need to Include a Visual Aid for a Technical Support Issue? Record and Send Us a Quick Video.
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Need to Include a Visual Aid for a Technical Support Issue? Record and Send Us a Quick Video.

If you're having an issue that requires technical support, you can try taking a quick video of your issue and sending it to our team in a technical support ticket.


For example, if you're seeing an error message or encountering a specific problem when you complete a specific process in your drawing, take a quick video that shows:

  • What you're doing, or attempting to do, that's triggering the error, and
  • What the issue or error message looks like



You can record the video using an application on your computer such as Camtasia or QuickTime, or even just use your cell phone video camera pointed at your screen. You can even choose to narrate what is happening in the video as you record it, which may help our team gain a better understanding of what's going on in your drawing.


After taking the video, attach it as a zip file to a technical support ticket describing your issue. How to make a zip file


You may want to email the video to yourself from your phone so you can download it on your computer and attach it to your ticket. Our technicians will take a look and get to work diagnosing your issue.

Reminder: Keep videos and under attachments smaller than 7.5 MB

Our ticket system can only handle attachments smaller than 7.5 MB. Keep your video as brief as possible to ensure it doesn't exceed this file size limit. Video file sizes can add up quickly, so it's best to keep your video to just a few seconds.

Last modified on Sep 29, 2022


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