Your License Is Expired, or About to Expire
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Your License Is Expired, or About to Expire

You're here because your Land F/X license is expired, or will expire soon. You're wondering whether you can continue to use your installation of Planting F/X, Irrigation F/X, or Design F/X.


The quickest way to deal with a past or impending expiration is to renew your license. Remaining current on your renewals will ensure that you can continue to access our tools, content, updates, and support.

Ready to renew? Here's how.





Why renew?




Please keep in mind that maintaining our libraries of plants, irrigation equipment, site amenities, and other content requires the efforts of several people at our office, and represents a constant effort of interfacing with manufacturers, updating the database, creating new symbols, engineering new functionality, and so on. For all of these efforts, representing thousands of hours of work each year, we charge only a few hundred dollars a year to access this impressive combination of data, symbols, and program functionality.

Learn more about what's covered under your renewals.











Don't want to renew?

You'll still be able to use the software, although you'll need to complete a few steps first.

Here's what you need to know and do.

Last modified on May 11, 2022


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Our software tailors AutoCAD to the needs of landscape architects, irrigation designers, and other professionals. We automate your most tedious tasks and ensure accuracy, giving you more time to design.

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