What Retired (Unsupported) Year Versions of CAD Mean for Land F/X Users
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What Retired (Unsupported) Year Versions of CAD Mean for Land F/X Users

Land F/X supports the 5 most recent year versions of AutoCAD. Currently, we are able to support versions 2019 – 2024. Land F/X users with any of these versions of AutoCAD, F/X CAD, AutoCAD Civil 3D, AutoCAD Map 3D, or AutoCAD Architecture will have full access to the software, including all the latest Land F/X updates.


We are no longer able to support version 2018.


Here are a few frequently asked questions about how this support policy might affect your office if you have an older version of CAD that has been, or is about to be, retired from supported versions.


• What happens to an existing Land F/X installation when an edition of CAD is moved to a retired or deprecated state?

Users with that version of CAD installed can continue to use the Land F/X plugin on any version before the retirement occurred, but will no longer be able to install Land F/X updates.


• What does this mean for offices with multiple editions of AutoCAD that include a combination 2018 and any newer, still-supported edition, that also use a shared F/X Server installation (LandFX folder)?

If such an office continues using the retired edition of CAD, all Land F/X users in that office need to be informed that they can no longer apply Land F/X updates without breaking functionality for the users who are still running the retired edition of CAD.

We recommend disabling the Land F/X auto update check from the General Preferences screen as a second level of ensuring users do not update the plugin.


Information and instructions

Update options with Automaticall check for updates unchecked


• What if a user updates the Land F/X plugin past a version supported by your retired edition of CAD?

In this case, follow our steps to revert the landfx.vlx file to the prior version in your office's shared LandFX folder.


Users with the older, non-supported version can now open their version of CAD and see whether or not they can work normally. They would then need to follow our steps to replace the VLX file for that version.


After that point (and only after that point), users with newer, supported versions of CAD can continue working normally and can run the updates without affecting the users of the non-supported version. However, users with the older, non-supported version of CAD will not be able to update their Land F/X installation.

Note that we do not maintain archived editions of the plugin. If you no longer have access to a copy of the landfx.vlx file that supports your retired edition of CAD, you will need to update the CAD platform on those systems in order to use the Land F/X plugin again.

Last modified on Monday, 01 May 2023


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