Unload and Reload the Land F/X Menus
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Unload and Reload the Land F/X Menus


You need to unload and reload the Land F/X menus.



You may be attempting to load the Land F/X menus, but you already see an entry for LANDFX in the list of Loaded Customization Groups.



If so, you'll need to unload your menus before you can load them successfully.

You might also need to unload the LANDFX menus in order to:

  • Configure one of our updates, such as reorganizing an updated ribbon
  • Save a change to your installation, such as changing the Support File Search Paths in the CAD Options dialog box




1. Click the LANDFX entry to highlight it.



2. Click Unload.







3. The LANDFX entry will be deleted from the list. You've successfully unloaded the Land F/X menus, and you can now load them by following our steps to load the Land F/X menus.

Last modified on Apr 24, 2020


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