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Error Creating Text Style '(text style name)': Font File '(font name)' Not Installed (Using a Land F/X Tool, or Placing Text)


You received an error message similar to the following when trying to use a particular font in a drawing:

Error creating text style "(font)": Font file "(font)" not installed.


For example, if you attempted to create a zone or Work Area and your Zone Text Style is set to a Swiss font, you might receive the message: Error creating text style "ZONE": Font file "swiss.tff" not installed.




You are attempting to use a font that is either:

  • Not installed on your computer, or
  • An Open Type font (OTF), which AutoCAD does not support


To determine the exact issue with the font you're trying to use, check the file extension of the font file listed in the error message.



If the font name has a file extension other than .otf, such as .tff, the font is most likely not installed on your computer.


If the font name has a .otf extension, it's an OTF font, which AutoCAD doesn't support.

Land F/X tools and our default Text Styles:

If you're using a Land F/X tool that requires the placement of text, the Land F/X Text Style associated with that tool is currently assigned to a problematic font. The two examples pictured above show two potential errors you might see when trying to place, or use a tool associated with, the ZONE Text Style. In this case, the ZONE style applies automatically to text placed in a drawing through the use of our Work Area tool and Zoning callouts. More about our default Text Styles



1. Open the General Preferences screen:


Preferences on FX Admin ribbon

F/X Admin ribbon




Preferences on FX Planting ribbon

Preferences flyout buttons on any of the other F/X ribbons



Preferences on FX Admin toolbar

Several toolbars (FX Admin toolbar pictured)

Preferences on FX Admin menu

Any of the F/X pull-down menus

(F/X Admin, F/X Site, F/X Planting, F/X Irrigation, or F/X Details)






or type *FXPreferences in the Command line






2. In the General Preferences screen, highlight the problematic Text Style (example: Zone), and click Edit to open the Text Manager.






3. In the Text Manager, select a different font.

Each font you see in the list will be both installed on your computer and not an OTF style. Any font you choose will resolve the issue.


In our example, we'll assign the font Arial to the ZONE Text Style.


Click OK to save the change.


You should now be able to use the Land F/X tool or place text without seeing the error.

If you're trying to use a font that you know is installed on your computer and is not an OTF, but still receive the Error Creating Text Style message, you may be dealing with a corrupt font. See our instructions for fixing corrupt fonts.

Last modified on Nov 13, 2020


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