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Error: WBlock Operation Rejected Due to a Proxy Object that Does Not Allow Copying (Cleaning Your Drawing Using Our Nuke Tool)


While attempting to clean a drawing using our Nuke tool, you received the following error message:

Wblock operation rejected due to a proxy object that does not allow copying




You may have Proxy Objects in your drawing that are preventing the Nuke tool from working.

Test the Cause of the Error

Use the COPYCLIP command (Ctrl + C on a Windows keyboard, or Command + C on a Mac keyboard). Draw a window to select the entire contents of the drawing. If the objects selected copy to the clipboard, they should Nuke successfully. If not, use the solution outlined below.




Step 1: Open a blank drawing.


Step 2: Type INSERT in the Command line and press Enter.



Step 3: In the Insert dialog box, click Browse, then browse to the file that is causing the issue.



Step 4:


1. Enter an Insertion Point of 0,0,0.




2. Enter a scale of 1,1,1 in the Scale section.




3. Check the Explode box.




Step 5: Click OK to insert the file.



Step 6: Save this new drawing.



Step 7: Run our Nuke tool on the new drawing – that is, the drawing where you inserted the items from the original file. The file should Nuke successfully.

Last modified on Oct 23, 2018


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