Error: No Function Definition
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Error: No Function Definition


You saw an error containing the text No function definition.


You may have received one of several possible No function definition errors. The exact ones we've chronicled are listed in the Solution below.



A No function definition error is the result of a function within the software that can't be completed (in other words, it's not defined). The solution will depend on the function that's not being defined.




Step 1: Restart your computer.

Simply restarting can sometimes clear up the error. Try opening CAD after restarting. If you don't see a No function definition error, you've resolved the issue.


Still seeing a No function definition error after restarting your computer? Move on to the specific error message troubleshooting steps below.



Step 2 (if necessary): Troubleshoot your specific No function definition error message.

If restarting your computer didn't resolve the error, your solution will depend on the exact text within the No function definition error you're seeing:



This error is the result of custom civil engineering objects that the Canadian firm GHD attaches to its drawings. This practice allows GHD to implement precautions such as preventing users from deleting or moving critical utilities. However, this method of adding this functionality does not follow programming best practices, and essentially makes the file unusable by other firms.


Complete the following steps to clean these custom objects.


1. Open the CAD Options dialog box by typing Options or Op in the Command line and pressing Enter.


2. In the Options dialog box, select the Open and Save Tab. Then set the Demand load ObjectARX apps menu to Command invoke.



3. Open the problematic file.


4. Copy and paste the following text into the Command line, making sure to include all the parentheses:
(dictremove (namedobjdict) "VL-REACTORS")


5. Press Enter.


6. Immediately run our Nuke tool on the file.



The reactor should now be removed from the file, and you can work with it as you would normally.





If you received any of these three no function definition errors, your AutoCAD installation is likely configured improperly. The exact cause of these errors is unknown, although they may result from having multiple versions of AutoCAD on your computer.


To resolve the issue:


1. Download the zip file linked below.

Download the file to a location where you can easily find it, such as your desktop.




2. Locate and double-click the downloaded file vlax-ename




3. You'll now see the Registry Editor warning message pictured to the right. Click Yes.

We are the source of the information referenced in the message, and yes, you can trust us.




4. You'll now have a file named vlax-ename fix.reg in that same location. Double-click this file.

You may need to run this file as an administrator.



5. Restart CAD.



6. Attempt the same action that generated the error. If you don't see the error, you've resolved the issue.

Still getting the error? Move on to the next step.



7. Check whether you have multiple versions of AutoCAD or F/X CAD installed. If you have an older version installed, follow our steps to uninstall that version. Do not reinstall that older version.



8. Once you're sure you only have one version of AutoCAD or F/X CAD (the version you want to use) installed, follow our steps to reinstall that version.


For example, if you got the error while trying to use F/X CAD 2018, repair F/X CAD 2018 after removing any older versions.

Problems installing? You may need to disable your antivirus software temporarily while installing AutoCAD or F/X CAD. Don't forget to enable it once the installer finishes.

AutoCAD includes myriad add-on libraries. If you're curious, take a look in the folder C:/Program Files/Autocad on your computer. The error may be a result of a problem with one of the following files in that folder: vlreac.dll, vllib.dll, or vlcom.dll.We have been unable to resolve this issue by copying these files over, and these files are not self-registering DLL files, which leaves reinstalling as the only viable solution.





This error is the result of a problem with the OpenDCL function. You can easily resolve it by following our steps to reinstall OpenDCL.




The exact text of this error message will depend on the command or tool you attempted to use when you received the error. Examples include:

  • Error: No function definition: projectplants: You would have received this error when clicking on a plant.
  • Error: No function definition: defineworkarea: You would have received this error when attempting to open our New Work Area tool.


A similar No function definition error means the file LandFX.vlx was not able to load, but your menu loaded successfully. This issue can occur when:

• The file LandFX.vlx is stored in the LandFX folder on your office server, and the server connection is bad.

If so, ask your IT Admin to troubleshoot your Land F/X installation.


If you are not using our software with an office server, or if your IT admin has determined that your server connection is functioning properly, the issue may be occurring because:

• The file LandFX.vlx is lost, damaged, or missing.

If so, you can resolve the issue by reverting the LandFX.vlx file to the previous version:


1. Locate the file LandFX.vlx in your LandFX folder. Rename this file, giving it the name LandFX.vlx.old


2. Locate the file LandFX.vlx.bak in the same location. Rename this file, giving it the name LandFX.vlx




Last modified on Dec 06, 2021


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