F/X CAD Requires a Land F/X License
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F/X CAD Requires a Land F/X License


You received the following error message: 

F/X CAD requires a Land F/X license.

F/X CAD requires a Land F/X license




This error occurs when your Land F/X license(s) are assigned to an incorrect location.

Did you receive this error when attempting to plot to PDF?

If so, you might be experiencing an issue with the Background Plotting or Background Publishing setting in CAD.




1. Open the General Preferences screen.


General Preferences screen




Click Licenses









2. Click Licenses.



The License Management screen will open. (See the images below.)


Multi-User installations with Local Licensing:

Your licenses should all be assigned to your server, which will be listed in the yellow area as shown below.


You should not see any licenses listed in the Unassigned Licenses area or next to one of your office workstations. In the example below, two Planting F/X licenses are assigned to these incorrect locations.


To assign the license(s) correctly to your server, click the plus (+) sign next to that license type in the server area. Continue clicking until until all licenses of that type are assigned to the server.


all licenses of that type are assigned



Offices with Cloud Data/Licensing, or Single-User Installations:

You should have one license of Design F/X, Planting F/X, or Irrigation F/X assigned to your computer, as pictured below. If not, click the plus (+) sign next to the license you need to use.


The example below shows how to check out an Irrigation F/X license.


Example, check out an Irrigation F/X license


Still getting an alert that there are no licenses available after moving licenses to the correct computer?


1. Type REACTIVATE in the Command line and press Enter.


2. Enter your Support ID when prompted. Find your Support ID


3. Restart CAD.

Last modified on Apr 15, 2022


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