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F/X CAD 2018: New Features & Removals

We made some major additions (and subtractions) to the ribbons with F/X CAD 2018.

Looking for a specific tool, ribbon, or panel? You can easily search for it on this page using the CTRL+F (Windows keyboard) or Command+F (Mac keyboard) keys.

New Keyboard Shortcuts

F/X CAD 2018 also comes with several new two-character keyboard shortcuts. More information >

Reorganizing the Ribbons & Quick Access Toolbar

Don't like our changes to the ribbons or the Quick Access Toolbar? No problem! You can add, remove, or move tool buttons to your liking.

How Do I Get the F/X CAD 2018 Tools and Ribbons?

All the tools described on this page are available with F/X CAD 2018. (Note: F/X CAD requires a license of Design F/X, Planting F/X, or Irrigation F/X).


If you're an existing Land F/X customer who is using our software with AutoCAD, you can download the F/X CAD 2018 CUIX file (linked below) to try out these features from within your existing AutoCAD installation.


First, download this file:



Once you've downloaded the CUIX file, double-click it to unzip it. Then follow our instructions to locate and replace (restore) the acad.cuix file.

Reverting to the Default AutoCAD or F/X CAD Ribbons

Made some changes to the ribbons and don't like what you see? No problem. You can easily download the default F/X CAD 2018 CUIX file (linked below).


Or do you want to abandon all of our ribbon updates and go back to the default AutoCAD ribbon? Download the CUIX file for AutoCAD 2018 (linked below).


Double-click the downloaded CUIX file to unzip it. Then follow our steps to locate and replace (restore) your existing CUIX file.

Last modified on Jul 24, 2019


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