Parallels Settings: Our Recommendations
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Parallels Settings: Our Recommendations

Plan to use our software on a Mac using Parallels? Here are the settings we recommend for your Parallels Virtual Machine.




What's a Virtual Machine?

Parallels runs Windows on what's known as a "virtual machine." It's like having a Windows computer within your Mac, where you can run your Windows operating system and any Windows applications such as AutoCAD or F/X CAD.




Turn On the Windows Configuration Screen

If you're currently installing Parallels, your configuration screen should open automatically during the installation process. If so, you can skip to our configuration recommendations below. Otherwise, here's how to open the configuration screen.




1. Open your Windows start menu in Parallels. Click the Power button (pictured to the right), and select Shut down from the menu that opens.

You may need to run the Windows updates in order to shut Windows down.

Shut down Parallels




Open Windows, Actions and Select Configure

2. Open Windows again. Open the Actions menu and select the Configure option.




Our Recommended Parallels Settings



Options tab

Startup and Shutdown

Options tab: Select Startup and Shutdown from the left panel.


Select the options shown to the right.

Select options




Select Optimization from the left panel


Options tab: Select Optimization from the left panel.


Set the Resource Usage slider to No limit.





Options tab: Select Sharing from the left panel.


Under the Share Mac tab, select Home folder only from the Share Folders menu.

You can add custom folders if you need directories outside of this location.

Share Mac tab




Hardware tab

Select CPU and Memory

CPU & Memory

Hardware tab: Select CPU & Memory from the left panel.


Set the slider to the maximum setting within the Recommended range.


If you have an extremely fast Mac, you can set the number of Processors to 4but only if the setting defaults to 4. Otherwise, if it defaults to 2, we recommend leaving it at 2.





Hardware tab: Select Graphics from the left panel.


Select one of the following options for Resolution, depending on your year version of CAD:

  • CAD 2019 or newer: Select Best for retina display.
  • CAD 2018 or older: Select Scaled.
Select Graphics from the left panel




Select Mouse and Keyboard

Mouse & Keyboard

Hardware tab: Select Mouse & Keyboard from the left panel.


Select Don't optimize for games from the Mouse menu.





Hardware tab: Select Network from the left panel.


Select Default Adapter from the Source: menu.

Default Adapter
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