Label Plants or Concept Plants in an Xref from Your Main Drawing
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Label Plants or Concept Plants in an Xref from Your Main Drawing


You want to label plants or Concept Plants in an Xref without opening that file separately from your main drawing. For example, you may have your planting plan Xrefed into another drawing and want to label your plants without opening your planting plan drawing file separately.






  • This workflow will show you how to label from your Xref, but the resulting labels will be inside the Xref drawing – not inside your current drawing.
  • We do not recommend that you move or copy the labels away from the drawing that contains the actual plant symbols you're labeling. Doing so will prevent our Verify Labels and Highlight Plant tools – both of which are powerful error-checking tools – from functioning correctly with your labels. Instead, we recommend keeping the labels in the same drawing as the plant symbols. To do so, you may need to adjust your standard drawing organization.

1. With your main drawing open, select the Xref where you want to label by clicking any object in that Xref.




2. The External Reference ribbon will open. Click the Edit Reference In-Place button.


External Reference ribbon




3. The Reference Edit dialog box will open.


Ensure that the Xref is selected in the the dialog box, then click OK.

Xref selected in Reference Edit dialog box




4. The Xref will open. Label plants or Concept Plants in the Xref as desired using our Plant labeling tools.




5. Type REFCLOSE in the Command line and press Enter.


When prompted to enter an option, type S for Save.




All reference edits will be saved

6. You'll see a message that All references edits will be saved.


Click OK to close out of Reference Edit mode and save your changes.

Last modified on Apr 25, 2022


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