Xrefs Disappear When Zooming or Panning
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Xrefs Disappear When Zooming or Panning


Your Xrefs disappear when you zoom or pan in your drawing.



This issue can occur because:

  • The Hardware Acceleration is enabled,
  • The REGENMODE system variable is set to something other than 1, and/or
  • Your graphics card is out of date



1. Follow our steps to turn off Hardware Acceleration.


2. Type REGENMODE in the Command line and press Enter.


When prompted to enter a value, type 1 and press Enter again.


Still having issues with your Xrefs disappearing when you zoom or pan? Move on to the next step.


3. If you're still having the issue at this point, follow our steps to update your video card drivers.


Is you are still having the issue after updating your video card, send us a technical support ticket describing your issue and letting us know that you tried these steps.

Last modified on Jun 10, 2020


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