The Nuke Tool and Layout Tabs
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The Nuke Tool and Layout Tabs


Question: The Nuke tool deletes layout tabs, leaving as few as one. Will this cause problems and slowness because CAD wants to search for the missing tab? Should we add a new tab if we have less than two?


Answer: Yes, our Nuke tool will remove layout tabs from your drawing. The tool was intended to be used on files received from consultants where the actual drawing file is most important.


Unfortunately, Remove Layout Tab is an essential function of the Nuke tool. If you have any layout tabs you wish to preserve, you may need to clean your drawing manually in order to do so.



The bug regarding only one Layout is indeed mysterious and unusual. If you have only one layout tab and an Xref with no content, you run the risk of AutoCAD setting the drawing Extents to an impossibly large value. This is easy enough to check for. The Zoom Extents function will zoom to literally the width of the universe.


Only if your Zoom Extents is behaving in that fashion would we recommend worrying about this issue, and then making sure you have two layout tabs – both with a viewport – and both viewports scaled at least marginally accurate to view the size.


But it's also of note that Land F/X has since accounted for this AutoCAD bug, so it no longer affects drip piping.

Last modified on May 12, 2022


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