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F/X CAD 2016 ACAD Ribbon

Startign with F/X CAD 2016, we created a new, retooled version of the AutoCAD ribbon. Conceptualized by our in-house landscape architects, our ribbon redesign is tailored specifically to landscape and irrigation design. It's like a complete desk organizer set for your CAD interface!


Incorporating the same simple, intuitive design you've come to expect from the Land F/X Ribbons, our new and improved ACAD ribbon features:

  • Large icons and titles for easy recognition. The most common tools have the largest buttons.
  • Less clutter, with more grouped drop-downs and no buried flyouts
  • Grouping of ACAD tools by similar type.


Here are just a few examples of the new features available on our redesigned ACAD ribbon:

Reorganized Express Tools

We love the AutoCAD Express Tools, but we thought they'd be even better in their proper context.


AutoCAD ribbon, Express Tools tab, left half




AutoCAD ribbon, Express Tools tab, right half



In our redesigned ribbon, the Express Tools are integrated into the tabs where they apply. For example, we've taken what was known as the Convert to MText tool on the Express Tabs ribbon and moved it to the Annotate ribbon with the other text tools, renaming it Text to MText.


Convert to Mtext button, AutoCAD Express Tools ribbon




New Text to MText button, Annotate ribbon

Bigger Buttons and Titles

If you're like us, you've spent an inordinate amount of time hunting through the AutoCAD ribbon for the tool you need. With that struggle in mind, we made the tool buttons much easier to find.


For example, we overhauled the Dimensions panel on the Annotate tab, making the tool buttons bigger and the text easier to read.



AutoCAD ribbon, Annotate tab, Dimensions panel





Redesigned ribbon for F/X CAD 2016, Annotate tab, Dimensions tab

Manage Tab: Cleanup Panel & Clean Export Tool

As you likely know by now, drawing corruption is a major issue for CAD users. Properly cleaning your drawings is your best safeguard against the perils of corruption. To help with the cleanup process, we added a new Cleanup panel to the Manage tab.




This panel includes the following three AutoCAD tools, which may already be familiar to you:

  • Delete Duplicates
  • Purge
  • Audit


It also includes a brand-new tool, which we've rolled out with F/X CAD 2016: the Clean Export tool.



Clean Export automates our Manual Drawing Cleanup steps, giving you a quick and easy alternative to our equally valuable Nuke tool for cleaning your drawings.

For more information on the importance of keeping your drawings clean, please see our pages on:


Drop-Down Menus With Memory

The drop-down menus on our new ribbon have memory, meaning the last tool you used from each drop-down stays active in both the ribbon button and the drop-down menu.



For example, if you last used the Polygon tool from the Rectangle drop-down, Polygon will remain active for the next time you need it.



By remembering the tools you use most and keeping them active, this feature streamlines your design process by helping you jump back into them quickly.

Reverting to the Default F/X CAD or AutoCAD Ribbons

To revert to the default F/X CAD or AutoCAD ribbons, you'll need to restore the file acad.cuix.


Step 1: Download Your Preferred Default Ribbons

First, download one of the two files linked below.


Option 1: Revert to the Default F/X CAD Ribbon

If you've attempted to customize the ribbon and want to revert our default ribbon, download our F/X CAD 2016 CUIX file, linked below.



Option 2: Revert to the Default AutoCAD Ribbon

If you'd prefer to revert to Autodesk's default AutoCAD ribbon, download the ACAD 2016 CUIX file, linked below.



Step 2: Restore acad.cuix

Once you've downloaded one of the two files linked above, double-click it to unzip it. Then follow our instructions to locate and restore the acad.cuix file.

Last modified on Oct 22, 2018


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