Xrefs Are Not Coming In at 0,0
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Xrefs Are Not Coming In at 0,0


Your Xrefs are coming in at the wrong location – or at an insertion point other than 0,0.



This issue commonly results from the hidden unit scaling that began with CAD 2014. However, it may also be related to the scale you have set.



As with many issues of this nature, your first step should be to verify that you have the correct scale set.


Once you've verified your scale, open the AutoCAD Options, select the Open and Save tab, and set your proxy object support to Command invoke. Here's how.


This setting should stop the hidden unit scaling.


Beyond that, we recommend using our Nuke tool on all drawings before you Xref them in. Nuking will also prevent the unit scaling.


Finally, we recommend setting up your project template in Feet units, which will also prevent the scaling. To do so, type -DWGUNITS in the Command line and press Enter.


Type 2 to set the units to feet.


Press Enter for the other numeric options.


For all scaling options that follow, type N for No.

Last modified on Oct 18, 2018


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