AutoCAD or F/X CAD Crashes or Freezes & Fatal Error When You Try to Run Publish or Batch Plot Commands
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AutoCAD or F/X CAD Crashes or Freezes & Fatal Error When You Try to Run Publish or Batch Plot Commands


You tried to run either the Publish or Batch Plot command, and CAD crashed or froze.


You may have also seen a Fatal error message.




We've seen this issue result from:

  • An improper plotter configuration or
  • A damaged or improper page setup





1. Try plotting a single sheet.


Is the sheet plotting successfully?

  • No, the single sheet did not plot successfully: The issue is with your plotter or your plotter setup. See our steps to troubleshoot your plotter and plotter setup.
  • Yes, the single sheet plotted successfully: You've confirmed that the issue is in fact with the Publish command. Move on to the next step.




2. Open the Options dialog box:



Manage ribbon, options button

Manage ribbon, Options button




type Options in the Command line





right-click in the Command line and select Options from the menu

Tool pull-down menu

Tools pull-down menu




3. Select the Plot and Publish tab in the Options dialog box.


Under Enable background plot when, ensure that the Plotting and Publishing options are both unchecked.


Try using the Publish command again. If it plots successfully, you've resolved the issue.


Still getting the Fatal error? CAD still freezing? Move on to the next step.




4. At this point, you can try using a different PDF provider. See our recommendations for third-party PDF plotters.


Still can't get it to work? Move on to the next step.




5. Try plotting the sheets individually and then using software to combine them into one PDF. Options include:

Still no luck? At this point, you should inform technical support that you're having this issue.

  • F/X CAD users: Let us know via a technical support ticket that you're having this issue and you've tried these steps.
  • AutoCAD (not F/X CAD) users: Contact AutoCAD support.
Last modified on Monday, 18 April 2022


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