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AutoCAD or F/X CAD Crashes or Freezes When Switching Between Model Space and Paper Space


You tried to switch between Model Space and a Paper Space Layout tab, and AutoCAD or F/X CAD is freezing or crashing.


You may be seeing a Not responsding message.





Any of the following solutions may resolve your issue. Try them in order. If you want, try switching between Model and Paper Space in CAD after attempting each solution to find out whether you've solved the problem.


1. Install the latest update or Service Pack for your version of CAD.


2. Type WHIPTHREAD in the Command line and press Enter.


When prompted to enter a value, type 3 and press Enter again.


3. Type LAYOUTREGENCTL in the Command line and press Enter.


When prompted to enter a value, type 2 and press Enter again.


4. Update your computer's graphics card driver to the latest version.

Don't know which graphics card you have? Here's how to find out.


Once you know which graphics card you have, you should be able to download and install the latest driver from the manufacturer's website. Here are links to the driver download sections of a few commonly used card manufacturers' websites:


5. Follow our steps to clean your drawing and all Xrefs.

You should be cleaning all drawing files you receive from others. Find out why.


6. Do you have other AutoCAD add-ons or plugins installed? Disable these applications temporarily to find out whether they are causing the problem.

Last modified on Jan 17, 2019


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