CAD Crashes or Freezes When You Expand or Click the File Menu
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CAD Crashes or Freezes When You Expand or Click the File Menu


AutoCAD or F/X CAD is crashing or freezing when you try to open a file using the AutoCAD File menu, or simply try to open or expand the File menu.

Freeze and crash using the CAD File menu



You're able to open files from their source folders, and you seem to have normal functionality in the ribbons and menus besides the CAD File menu.


Further, the Command line may not show anything other than your most recent command prior to your attempting to use the File menu.


The issue is not file-dependent, and you are able to re-create the problem with any file you open.



Repeatable error

You may also be receiving the following error message:

AutoCAD error aborting. FATAL ERROR: Unhandled Exception ...





This issue can happen if a file is missing from the Recent File list, which appears at the bottom of the File menu.

file missing from Recent File list




You can solve this issue quickly by disabling the Most Recently Used Files feature.



Open the Options dialog box:


Options button

Manage ribbon, Options button




type Options in the Command line





right-click in the Command line and selecting Options from the menu

Tools pull-down menu

Tools pull-down menu




Change the number of recently used files

In the Options dialog box, change the number in the Number of recently used files field, below File Open, to 0.




Restart CAD. You should now be able to exand the File menu and, if needed, use it to open files. Note that the list of most recently used files will no longer appear at the bottom of the File menu.

Once you've opened a dozen files or so, the list will be reset. You can then change this number back to its original value in the Options dialog box, Open and Save tab.

After a dozen files, the list will be reset
Last modified on Apr 25, 2022


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