(Sheet Number) is Already Associated with Another Drawing (Opening the Project Manager)
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(Sheet Number) is Already Associated with Another Drawing (Opening the Project Manager)


When opening the Project Manager, you saw a message similar to the following:

(Sheet number) is associated with another drawing. Do you want to reassign (sheet number) to this sheet?



You attempted to open the Project Manager from a sheet whose previous sheet number has been assigned to another drawing.



To resolve this issue, you'll need to determine whether the sheet number listed in the error is in fact the correct one for the drawing you currently have open.

  • If the sheet number is correct, click Yes.
  • If the sheet number is not correct, click No and assign the correct sheet from the Sheet Manager. (You may need to create a new sheet if it's not available.)



You have a D1 details drawing assigned. You want to add a new detail sheet but make it D1 and change your old D1 to D2.


You create a new detail sheet, name it D1, and then assign D1 to it through the Sheet Manager.


You then go back to your old D1, rename it D2, and then try and open the Project Manager. That's when you'll get the error, because the system recognizes that the old assignment for this drawing has now been claimed by a different drawing. You click No, and then create a D2 sheet in the Sheet Manager, and then assign D2 to this drawing. All is good again.

Last modified on May 17, 2022


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