AutoCAD & F/X CAD Updates
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AutoCAD & F/X CAD Updates

Autodesk typically releases one or more updates for each year version of AutoCAD it rolls out. Each year's update(s) provide repairs of the all but inevitable bugs and issues that arise with each new version. Updates can fix everything from slow performance to issues with specific AutoCAD features.


Updates, which replaced Service Packs starting with the 2018 version, are available through the Autodesk Desktop App (available with AutoCAD, but not F/X CAD versions up through 2023).


F/X CAD users

Although we try to hold off on releasing F/X CAD until we can build any updates into the software, it's possible that a bug sneaks under the radar. Here's how to get the updater for your version of F/X CAD:


F/X CAD 2024 & newer

Starting with F/X CAD 2024, we've greatly simplified the process for applying the update. See our F/X CAD 2024 Updater article for information and instructions.


F/X CAD 2019 – 2023

For versions 2019 – 2023, we've bundled the update into the F/X CAD installer. If you need the update, you can uninstall and reinstall F/X CAD using the latest installer on our website for your year version.


However, we first recommend searching for your specific issue in our Knowledge Base using the search bar at the top of this page. You may be able to resolve it without having to reinstall.




AutoCAD users

Updates are available through the Autodesk desktop app. To get the app, log in to your Autodesk account and download it.

Last modified on Aug 14, 2023


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