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Remove a DVIEW Twist from a Drawing


Your view of your drawing has become twisted or rotated, so you see it from a strange angle. You may be unable to place objects. This rotation is caused by what's known as a DVIEW twist.




A DVIEW twist is a rotation in your view of a CAD drawing that can cause a number of issues. It may have been applied deliberately by a civil engineer, for example, or even applied accidentally.

Don't Forget to Clean Your Drawings!

Did you know that cleaning your drawing with our Nuke tool will remove a DVIEW twist automatically? It's just one of many reasons you should always practice proper drawing cleanup. For further information, please see our documentation pages on:


Before Removing a DVIEW Twist ...

... draw a line due east from any point. You can use this line as a guide to re-create the twist if necessary.


Removing a DVIEW Twist, Option 1: Place a Plant Label

The easiest way to get rid of a DVIEW twist is to place a Plant Label, which will quickly and automatically create a User Coordinate System (UCS) in the same rotation as the previous DVIEW twist. Alternately, you can follow the steps below.



Removing a DVIEW Twist, Option 2: Remove the Twist Manually


Step 1: Set DVIEW Twist rotation to zero


1A. Type DVIEW in the Command line, and press Enter.


1B. You'll be prompted to Select objects or <use DVIEWBLOCK>. Press Enter.


1C. You'll be prompted: Options [CAmera/TArget/Distance/POints/PAn/Zoom/TWist/CLip/Hide/Off/Undo]. Type TW, then press Enter.


1D. The Command line will prompt: Specify view twist angle <0.00>. Type 0, then press Enter.


1E. Press the ESC key to end the command. The DVIEW twist should now be gone.



Step 2: Apply a view rotation with a User Coordinate System (UCS) instead


2A. Draw a temporary horizontal line as a guideline for the current view.


2B. Follow our steps to create a new a User Coordinate System (UCS).

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