Run the Windows Updates (Including Internet Explorer Updates)
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Run the Windows Updates (Including Internet Explorer Updates)


You need to run the Windows Updates.

It's always a good idea to stay current on your Windows Updates. One common reason to remain current is the fact that Internet Explorer (IE) updates are now built into Windows Updates. Because a number of Windows-based applications (including AutoCAD) still rely on IE to function correctly, you'll ensure optimal performance by ensuring that you're always on the latest version of IE.



1. Open the Windows Start menu.


Type Update in the search box.




2. Select Check for updates from the menu. It should be the top option.

Windows Start menu, Check for Updates option




3. Select the Windows Update option from the left pane. You should see an update status to the right. You may see a link to a single update, or a Check for updates button, depending on how many updates are available. Click this link or button to see the available updates.


Windows Update dialog box, Windows Update option




4. The options on the next screen will vary, depending on which updates are available. Run the update, and restart your computer as prompted.

It may take a few minutes for the update and restart to go through. You may want to run the update at the end of the day or before going to lunch, if possible.


You should now be on the latest version of Windows, and therefore the latest version of Internet Explorer.

Last modified on Jun 01, 2022


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