Duplicate Block Categories or Block Subfolder Names for Plan Graphics or Elevation Graphics
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Duplicate Block Categories or Block Subfolder Names for Plan Graphics or Elevation Graphics


When using our Plan Graphics or Elevation Graphics tool, you're noticing duplicate block categories in the corresponding dialog box.


The example to the right shows what you might be seeing when using the Plan Graphics tool.




You might also see subfolders with similar names in the folder LandFX/Blocks/plan_graphics or LandFX/Blocks/elevation_graphics.


The example to the left shows the Plan Graphics library folder containing subfolders that are named similarly but whose folder names start with different identifying numbers.





We've made updates to our Plan Graphics and Elevation Graphics libraries as of 2019, adding numerous new blocks while also making changes to the overall block subfolder structure.


You're seeing duplicate blcok categories because you've downloaded some of the updated blocks, but still have some of the old subfolders. Like the blocks they contain, these subfolders download automatically when you place one of the blocks in a drawing.





You can organize your block folders quickly, while still retaining any custom blocks you've created, by following our steps to download our updated Plan and Elevation Graphics blocks.


For details on the updated folder structure, see our documentation on the updated block subfolder structures.

This updated folder structure will provide an improved framework for blocks we provide in the future.

Last modified on May 25, 2022


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