Fixing Font/Text Style Issues in Callouts or Labels
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Fixing Font/Text Style Issues in Callouts or Labels


You're experiencing problems with the Text Styles and fonts in your callouts or plant labels. For example, different callouts of the same type (such as detail callouts) may be coming in with different fonts or text styles, as shown below.



Detail Callout with different styles
Detail Callout with different styles


Two Detail Callouts placed in the same drawing for two different details – with varying fonts



You may have (unsuccessfully) attempted to correct the font issues using either our Update Detail Callouts feature or by going into the Text Options in the AutoCAD Attribute Editor and changing the text style there.





This issue is likely the result of AutoCAD's treatment of attributes within callout blocks, which can sometimes be problematic. Even if you have your text styles set correctly, there's a chance that the attributes containing your callout text are not reflecting these settings.




Step 1: Verify That You Have Your Land F/X Text Styles Set Correctly

Open the Land F/X Text Manager, and confirm that you have the correct font, size, etc. assigned to the appropriate Land F/X Text Style (for example, the Callout Title Text Style for detail callouts, the Plant Callout Text Style for plant labels, and so on).



Step 2: Edit the Source Block for Each Problematic Callout

Once you've confirmed that your Text Styles are set correctly, it's time open the source block for each problematic callout and make sure that the text style is named correctly.




For example, you can find the detail callout blocks in the folder LandFX/Blocks/Graphics/Callouts.


You'll likely need to edit the Detail Callout files DETAIL-L, DETAIL-R, and DETAIL-C, as well as the Detail Placeholder files DETAIL-PLACE-L, DETAIL-PLACE-R, and DETAIL-PLACE-C.


Edit the Detail Callout files




Open one of the callout block files. Open the Properties panel by typing Prop in the Command line and pressing Enter. Select each instance of text within the callout drawing, and check its Text properties. The Style entry should be set to the correct Text Style for that callout text.



In the following example, the text in the callout block drawing is set to TITLE 12 PT. In this case, because we're editing a detail callout block we'll need to change the Style entry to the CALLOUT TITLE Text Style.


Change the Style entry



Step 3: Run the Redefine Block Command on All Callout Types in Your Drawing

Back in your drawing, type RedefineBlock in the Command line, and select an example of one of the callouts whose source drawing you just corrected (such as a left detail callout, right detail callout, etc.).


Repeat this step for each callout type you've edited.



Step 4: Delete And Re-Place Each Problematic Callout

Finally, you'll need to place each callout again in order to correct the text issue.


Delete all problematic callouts from your drawing, then re-place them. They should all come in with the correct Text Style.

Last modified on Aug 09, 2023


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