Callouts / MLeaders Only Going to Left or Right Side of Leaders
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Callouts / MLeaders Only Going to Left or Right Side of Leaders


Your callouts are only placing one one side of their leaders – either the left or right. If you click farther to the side where you want them to go, they just end up appearing farther to the wrong side.


For example, your callouts may only be appearing on the left side of the leaders. When you click to the right, the callouts just appear farther to the left.

This issue may be occurring with:

  • Reference Notes (RefNotes) Callouts
  • Site callouts and leaders
  • Detail callouts



This issue seems to be the result of an AutoCAD bug that affects the use of Multileaders (Mleaders) in conjunction with Ortho mode, placing the leaders in the up direction.



1. Click where your arrow will be placed – as close as possible to the leader (on the side where you want the landing to go). Then set your landing distance. It should place on the correct side. If it doesn't, move on to the next step.


2. Turn Ortho Mode off (type ORTHO in the Command line and press Enter, then select OFF).


Then use Polar Tracking instead. (You can turn Polar Tracking on and off using the F10 key.) Sometimes Polar Tracking will render better results than Ortho Mode. No luck? Move on to the next step.


3. Place the callout, then adjust it manually to your desired look.

Last modified on May 23, 2022


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