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Callout or Plant Label Placed Within Work Area With UCS Aligns to the Work Area UCS and Not WCS


While you have the World Coordinate System (WCS) assigned to your drawing, you placed a callout within a Work Area that has a User Coordinate System (UCS) assigned to it. Rather than aligning to the WCS, the callout aligned itself with the Work Area UCS.


The viewing angle of the drawing may or may not also switch to the UCS assigned to the Work Area.


More information on UCS and WCS >



Some of your UCS settings are telling your drawing to align your callouts with the UCS rather than the WCS.



1. Type UCSFOLLOW in the Command line and press Enter.


2. When prompted to enter a value, type 0.


3. Open our UCS tool, and restore the WCS.


4. Type UCSMAN in the Command line and press Enter.


5. Right-click on the UCS assigned to the Work Area, and select Delete.


Your callouts within that Work Area will now align with the WCS.

You can create a new UCS to provide the same viewing angle as the one you just deleted. However, keep in mind that if you give it the same name as the deleted UCS, it will reassociate itself with that Work Area and potentially cause the same issue. To prevent this from happening, give the new UCS a different name.

Last modified on Oct 20, 2020


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