Callout Arrows or Solid Hatches are Hollow, Not Solid, or Display as Lines Only
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Callout Arrows or Solid Hatches are Hollow, Not Solid, or Display as Lines Only


Your callouts show a hollow arrow for the leader instead of a solid filled arrow as expected. This issue may be occurring with:

  • Plant labels
  • Leaders
  • Leaders with multiline text (MText)
  • Reference Note (RefNote) callouts or other site callouts
  • Irrigation callouts
  • Detail callouts




You may also notice that solid fill hatches – those used in the solid filled circle trunk type in some of our default plant symbols – aren't showing as solid.





This issue may be occurring because:

  • Your FILLMODE setting is turned off, or
  • Your drawing is rotated. (AutoCAD can't display a solid fill when it's tilted in the Z plane.)





1. Check to ensure that FILLMODE is set to 1 (REGEN).


Type FILLMODE in the Command line and press Enter.



2. Check your User Coordinate System (UCS), and make sure the drawing doesn't have a DVIEW twist. How to remove a DVIEW twist


If your drawing does have a DVIEW twist and you remove it, new callouts or newly placed plants should show solid, while existing ones appear hollow.

If you drew a planting plan on a DVIEW twist, you may need to use the FLATTEN command to fix it, but there's no way to remove a tilt from a plant block. In this case, you'll need to place the plant blocks again while the correct UCS is active.

Last modified on May 25, 2022


  • Land F/X

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