Detail Template is Placing Without the Title / With Only the Non-Plot Border
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Detail Template is Placing Without the Title / With Only the Non-Plot Border



You placed a Detail Template, but it came in with only a border, as in the image to the right.

Detail Template places with only a border


Detail Template source file with Template appearing correctly

However, when you open the Template source file, it appears correctly, as pictured to the left.




You may also see the following Command line error when placing the Detail Template:

Block LAFX-DETL-002 references itself






This issue occurs when the Detail Template file contains a block reference of itself. This can happen when the template is edited in a drawing (instead of using the correct method of editing the source file), and that block has then been copied into the source file and exploded.


As a result, the block reference will still be in the file even though it hasn't been physically placed. It will still be in the list of blocks within the file.


This issue can also result from corruption in the detail template file caused by the presence of Proxy Objects.





1. Open the Detail Template source file, and delete all unused items.


2. Type PRG in the Command line, and press Enter. This step will purge all the deleted items from the source drawing.


3. Save the Detail Template file.


4. If the issue is still not resolved, run our Nuke tool with the Detail Template file open. The Nuke tool will clean out the Proxy Objects.

Last modified on May 20, 2022


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