Detail Layers Are Not Converting to Your Company Standard
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Detail Layers Are Not Converting to Your Company Standard


You've customized your company's Preference Sets to conform with a line color and lineweight standard that's different from the Land F/X line color and lineweight defaults, but when you place a detail template, layers are still loading with the wrong color standard.



The Detail Layer State you use when placing Detail Templates also needs to match your company standard.

A Layer State is a saved list of settings, including colors and lineweights, for each layer you use in a drawing or detail. When you load a Layer State while you have a drawing open, all those settings will be applied to the layers in that drawing.



You can resolve this issue by adjusting and re-saving your Detail Layer State to match your company standard.


When you place a Detail Template, you'll see a Layer State menu.



The Layer State that's selected in the menu will be applied to that Detail Template when you place it in your drawing.

Detail Template, Layer State menu



Before placing your template, you can change the settings in this Layer State, or create your own new Layer State, using the following steps:


1. Open a blank drawing that only includes Layer 0.


2. Select our Load Layer State tool from the F/X Admin ribbon.


Changing Template Layer State settings



3. Select the [DETAILS] category and click OK to go to the list of saved Layer States for details.

Saved Layer States for details




Default Layer State for details: LANDSCAPE_ARCHITECTURE

4. Our default Layer State for details is named LANDSCAPE_ARCHITECTURE.


Select this option and click OK. The layers stored in the LANDSCAPE_ARCHITECTURE Layer State will load.

Older installations might also have a DETAILS Layer State here. Because this is an old standard, we recommend navigating to your LandFX/Layers/Details folder in Windows Explorer and deleting the Details.lay file, and working only with the LANDSCAPE_ARCHITECTURE.lay layer state.



5. Type Layer in the Command line and press Enter to open the Layer Properties Manager.


6. Edit the layer settings (color, linetype, etc.) in the Layer Properties Manager to meet your standards.


7. Follow our steps to save the Layer State.


When saving the Layer State, you can either:

  • Save it under a new name, or
  • Overwrite the LANDSCAPE_ARCHITECTURE.lay file. (Only do this if you want to replace our default Layer State for details with your own Layer State.)

When saving, keep in mind that the detail Layer State whose name comes first alphabetically will be selected by default when you go to place a Detail Template (see the image below). If you only plan to use one Layer State for your details, it's a good idea to either overwrite our LANDSCAPE_ARCHITECTURE Layer State or give your saved Layer State a name that comes before LANDSCAPE_ARCHITECTURE alphabetically.



Placing Detail Template, selecting correct Layer State

When placing future Detail Templates, make sure the correct Layer State is selected in the menu.

Last modified on Thursday, 31 March 2022


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