DimStyle Elements Scaling Incorrectly (Too Large or Small)
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DimStyle Elements Scaling Incorrectly (Too Large or Small)


You created a Dimension Style (DimStyle), and elements in that style are appearing in the wrong size or scale.



The items that are scaling incorrectly were likely assigned the wrong scale in your DimStyle settings. DimStyle elements should be assigned with the same size at which they should be viewed.

We've seen some users' DimStyle settings that cause items to size as they would be displayed in Model Space before a drawing scale has been applied (i.e., the old AutoCAD way). For example, a tick mark would be specified as 2' so that when the drawing is scaled down to 1/8"=1' scale, the tick mark would print at 1/4". For Land F/X DimStyles, the scale of such items should reflect how they would appear at full size. For example, if you want a 1/8" arrow size, this is the value you would enter in the DimStyle settings.



Open the DimStyle settings, for the DimStyle you're currently using, and where elements are scaling incorrectly. Where applicable, change sizes of elements (such as arrows) to the size at which they should be viewed.

Last modified on Mar 29, 2023


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