Details Folder Structure Concerns and Questions (Missing or Added Folders)
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Details Folder Structure Concerns and Questions (Missing or Added Folders)


The Details folder structure and locations seem to have changed with recent updates.


Now, when you click the Browse button, you only have the option to browse categories and subcategories within the LandFX Details folder. Was the change necessary for programming issues, or can the Browse function be made to look outside the Land F/X directories?



The old system for project details had several issues. For example, including several different folder paths in the system carried the risk that the folder could be moved or renamed. Further, it essentially defeated the entire purpose of the detail system, which was to allow the Detail Explorer to have access to all details from all projects.


For all intents and purposes, the new system behaves exactly the same, with the details being placed within a unique folder. The only difference is that the folder is accessible through the detail system.



Note that from the Project Files screen, when you back up a project, you also have an option to back up the details. Therefore, it's quite easy to still archive all the details for a project at any given time. Further, with details being inserted as blocks, we've built in yet another backup level in every sheet file.


Do you have detail categories / subfolders? If so, you'll need to take care when putting your details together. More information


For more information on detail creating and organization, see our pages on:

Last modified on May 18, 2022


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