Block [NAME] References Itself *Invalid* (Placing Details or Other Blocks)
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Block [NAME] References Itself *Invalid* (Placing Details or Other Blocks)


When attempting to place a detail or other blocks, you received a message to the effect of:

Block [NAME] references itself *Invalid*

This message may be accompanied by one or both of the following messages:

  • Unable to reload detail *****.dwg. Automation Error. Self reference
  • 1 block deleted

This issue occurs most commonly with Land F/X details after you've attempted to correct the issue of an improperly edited detail.



The block you’re trying to use contains a nested block (i.e., a block within a block) that has the same file name as the the main block.


You might experience this issue if you edited that main block reference inside a drawing where you were using the main block – for example, accidentally block editing a detail inside the detail layout sheet instead of editing it correctly – and then copied that block over to the correct source DWG file for the main block in order to copy the edited linework to the correct location. As a result, the block definition was likely loaded into that source DWG, and eventually caused the error when you attempted to place the main block again (such as updating the detail).



1. Edit the source DWG of the main block again. For example, if you were editing a detail, use our Edit Detail tool. If editing a block that isn't a detail, open the source drawing for that block and make your edits there.


2. Type PRG and press Enter to purge the block definition for the nested detail or other block out of the DWG you're editing.


3. Save the block again using either:


When saving, overwrite the existing detail or block.


You should now be able to place the block or detail in your drawing without seeing the error.

Last modified on Wednesday, 25 May 2022


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