Unable to Snap to Geometric Center (Using Our POLYDIVIDE Tool)
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Unable to Snap to Geometric Center (Using Our POLYDIVIDE Tool)


While trying to use our POLYDIVIDE tool to select and divide a closed polyline, you received the following error message:

Unable to snap to geometric center.

Unable to snap to geometric center





The polyline you selected includes an overlap, either from an extra vertex in a corner as pictured below, or because segments are jogging back and perfectly overlapping other segments.


Polyline boundary overlapping itself





To resolve this issue, remove vertices as necessary to prevent the polyline from overlapping.


A good way to identify the possible issue is to copy the polyline boundary to the side, and explode it, and start erasing segments. If a segment remains after erasing, or you see a tiny segment in a corner after erasing other segments, you've likely found your problem area.


Deleting segments in the polyline boundary to locate the problem area

Keep in mind that a single closed polyline can have several different issues with vertices. You may need to investigate multiple areas of the polyline to find all the problematic vertices.

Last modified on May 25, 2022


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