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You Must Save the Block into a Sub-Folder of One of the Block Libraries (Saving a Block)


You saw the following error message when attempting to save a custom block using our Save Block tool:


You must save the block into a sub-folder of one of the block libraries.





As the message indicates, this error pops up if you don't save the block into a subfolder of one of our block libraries. For example, you may have:


1. Simply accepted the default file name of NEWBLOCK right into the Blocks folder, or


2. Chosen a a name for the saved block but just saved it into the plan_graphics folder, or


3. Accidentally selected the Site Amenities folder


In short, do not save blocks directly into any of these locations.





When saving a block, take care to save it into a subfolder within one of our block libraries.


For example, if you're saving a block to use as a Discipline Graphic, you can either:

  • Save the block into one of the subfolders within the discipline_graphics folder, such as 95-user_defined, or


  • Create a new folder in that location, then save the block into that new folder.
Last modified on Aug 16, 2019


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